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For Patients

Find out about Brenda, who used Healthrisen to help her walk again.

Brenda is a 61 year old that had knee pain for 1 year. Brenda was a very active lady who enjoyed skiing and walking. Over the last year she had become disabled to the point that she was unable to even take her dog for a walk.

Her GP advised that she would need a knee replacement. Brenda asked her GP who would perform it. Her GP said it would be performed at the local hospital, but was not sure by whom. Brenda had done some online research into the operation and quickly realised that this was a major operation that could potentially go severely wrong. Brenda needed to be reassured that her operation would be successful and performed by someone good.

That's when she found Healthrisen. Using the unique search function, she was able to find 10 knee surgeons locally who performed the operation. She was able to view their detailed profiles and crucially was able to see the feedback posted by their patients. In the end she chose a surgeon in her local hospital and asked her GP to make the referral via choose and book. At her first consultation she immediately felt reassured that she had made the right decision, as the feedback posted was spot on. She underwent a knee replacement without any complications and 3 months later was out walking her dog and hopes to be ready for the ski season next year.

For Doctors and other healthcare professionals

Healthrisen allows you to post your detailed profiles that can be seen by patients searching for care.

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Promote yourself
Healthrisen allows you to post your detailed profiles that can be seen by patients searching for care. There are no costly web fees, and Healthrisen’s unique search engine optimisation ensures that your profile is at the top of search engine pages (e.g. google). What makes us different though is that you request feedback from your patients. Each patient you treat can login to Healthrisen and post feedback. This information is visible to anyone that views your profile.

Patient outcomes are now an essential part of clinical practice. Most hospitals do not capture individual’s data accurately leaving it to the clinician. How many clinicians have the time and resources to capture their own outcome data for every patient treated ? Here’s where Healthrisen can help you. When you compile your profile, you can upload PROMs or other outcome scores to your profiles and then request patients to complete the questionnaires when they post feedback. This data is stored under your profile and can be accessed at any time.

Resources to participate in clinical research are hard to come by. Research grants are very difficult to obtain, and NHS organisations are cutting costs and not funding clinical research, despite encouraging clinicians to participate. Healthrisen can be a valuable tool in your research project. Many projects require simple data capture in the forms of patient questionnaires. Instead of employing research nurses, research profiles can be created with specific outcome questionnaires applied to each research profile. Participants can then login and complete the outcome forms via Healthrisen. Data can be stored and downloaded from the site and shared via ‘groups’ enabling multi-centre trials.

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